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How does Synkd help you to achieve your business goals?

Our business name is our mission – we’re focused on ‘connecting’
your brand with your ‘ideal’ customer. This helps you to:

• attract your ‘right’ kind of customer (not everyone is your customer)
• cut through the noise and stand out from the crowd
• ‘look the part’ – make the best first impression you can in business
• start ‘marketing smarter’, not harder
• stop wasting time and $$$$ on design that misses the mark
increase online brand awareness and engagement

How do we do this?

We’ve developed a powerful marketing tool called ‘My Avatar’.
My Avatar is a one-on-one workshop that helps you to define and get
‘in sync’ with your ‘right’ kind of customer – before we even discuss tactics or strategies.

‘My Avatar’ provides clarity, laser-focus, guidance as well as valuable customer insights that help you to market smarter.

What’s Synkd’s approach?

Our focus is on connecting with our clients and customers. We meet,
we order coffee, we listen with two ears and we learn as much as we can about you, your business, your goals and crucially your customer. From here we develop targeted brand and marketing strategies and design collateral that gets you  ‘in sync’ with the hearts, minds and souls of your preferred customer.

How does this help you?

Simple! We help you communicate more effectively with your ideal customer, build your brand online, develop smarter marketing strategies and get better brand engagement results with the combined help of Synkd’s strategic brand and design solutions.

What’s the next step?

Simply call 1300 748 823 to discover how you can get ‘in sync’ with and in front of your ideal customer.

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