CMD Ecolighting

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CMD Ecolighting DL brochure


CMD Ecolighting DL brochure


CMD Ecolighting Website landing page/slider design

CMD Ecolighting took full advantage of Synkd’s 60 minute marketing consultation audit.

An overall marketing strategy was devised to help promote and evolve the business from a supplier of LED products into a distributor of LED lighting. Synkd developed and delivered a simple yet effective strategy that incorporated print and online collateral designed to engage and educate, increase conversions and stimulate sales.

CMD’s previous marketing collateral only stressed the features of their products.
Consequently CMD was no different to any other supplier in an already saturated industry.

A series of marketing brochures for both print and online channels were developed.
These spoke directly to CMDs ‘ideal’ customers in order to highlight the long-term cost benefits of investing in LED lighting.

A landing page was developed to educated and drive customers into an online sales conversion funnel. This strategic investment was designed to deliver a stream of future qualified sales
for CMD Ecolighting.


Let’s talk about how you can get ‘in sync’ with and in front of your ‘ideal’ customer.

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Key Deliverables:

  • Logo Design
  • Branding
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Campaign Development
  • Image Library Development
  • Promotional Material
  • Landing Page Design
  • Online Catalogue


  • Niche marketing approach
  • More efficient & powerful
    marketing messages
  • Incorporated online and offline channels
  • More engaging user experience
    for print & online
  • Improved brand perception
  • A website that actually works!
    Generating leads for your business!