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3 Power Words you should be using in your marketing right now!

What’s in a word?
Do actions really speak louder than words?
Can words only say so much? Or is the pen, and by association, are ‘words’ mightier than the sword?

Used correctly in your marketing, ‘power’ words have the unique ability to

convey powerful messages to your target market. Words are the unseen keystone in your marketing. Used effectively and in the right way they can tap into the inner minds, delve deep into the hearts and press the pain points of your customer to compel them to take the required action – whether it’s a click, a download, a ‘like’, a sign up form, or join or buy (preferably). If you understand your customer, know how their world works, identify their specific pain points and discover what makes them tick, the right words can have magical powers that elicit and invoke their hopes, dreams and irrational fears.

In this way words can be our best friends and our worst enemies: a double-edged duality. Words can reassure and soothe us, cajole us, seduce us or tempt us into parting with our hard earned dollars.

Wouldn’t it be useful to have a few power words at your disposal that speak directly to your target market and attract and engage potential prospects to your business like a moth to a flame?
Say no more! Here you go, three power words coming right up:

‘You and/or Your’

It’s an open marketing secret that the power word ‘you’ acts like a magnet to customers ears. We all like to think of ourselves as important and we all like to be acknowledged. Invoking our own needs and wants by asking your customers for their opinions (you) and focusing on their needs (not yours) is a sure fire way to attract and engage with them for more effective marketing results.

Remember to leverage the power of ‘you’ in your marketing and look out for it in most advertising these days!


‘New’ as a concept is ‘good’ because ‘new’ is different, it’s exotic, it’s exciting and ‘new’ is novel. New baby, new shoes, new house, new job, new look…

As humans we’re generally inquisitive about novelty and new things, however, paradoxically, we’re also scared of the new because naturally ‘new’ is also about change, unfamiliarity and fear of the ‘unknown’. Used in this positive way however, the word ‘new’ can act as a beacon of light that draws people in to discover what’s ‘new’ about your business as well as to find out ‘what’s all the fuss about those new doughnuts?’

Whether it’s a new product release, a new style of clothing or a new vaccine or planet, people’s ears will prick up when they hear the word ‘new’ in your marketing messages. It’s hard-wired into our brains.

At its basic level ‘new’ is purely about attracting attention.

But why does ‘new’ appeal? Because new is usually associated with being modern, current, young, dynamic, healthy, well or ‘better’ informed, aware, ‘on trend’, ‘hip’, ‘on the pulse’, or to many ‘ahead of the rest’.

New also invokes the fear of missing out. Your customers don’t want to miss out on something that could benefit them – even better if they can benefit before anyone else too! It’s all about that need or desire to ‘know’ and the desire to be seen to be ‘in the know’. Status and ego are key drivers.

So use ‘new’ if you want to engage and attract. After all, no one wants to be old and out of touch anymore right?


Why should someone else get more money than you? Because they took steps years ago to increase their wealth.
Why should someone else get the job you applied for? Because they were better qualified, interviewed well and demonstrated
the necessary experience, skill set and communication skills to perform the job more effectively than you.
Why should someone get on the bus/train/tram before you? Because they were waiting in line first.

Because, because, because…

Being presented with a good reason not to benefit from a situation is a powerful way to convince someone how to behave and take the necessary action steps towards a specific and desired outcome. The first battle is often in your customer’s head so give them a good reason to choose your business over your competitors.

Because: a simple word with powerful effects.

Your Marketing Man,

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