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Brand: What’s the ‘right’ message to send for your business?

My last blog focused on the benefits of investing in effective graphic design to leave a ‘good’ first impression for your brand (it sets the tone for the rest of the business relationship). If ‘perception is everything’ in brand and in business, then it’s in your businesses best interests to… build a positive and effective identity, find your voice and…

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Brand: ‘Good’ design leaves a good impression.

First impressions count in business. But what message or impression are you currently sending to the market about your respective business through your communication tools, marketing campaigns, messages and channels? And is it the ‘right’ message for your business?

Second impressions count too of course, but they tend to be more expensive, require more time, more resources, and much more effort to redeem the initial missed opportunity.

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Brand: positioning, positioning, positioning.

A recent marketing workshop in Melbourne CBD (thank you Basics Bananas!) gave a timely reminder about the importance of positioning when it comes to effective brand and brand strategy.

The clear insight: many businesses who are doing it hard have no

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Brand: its your customer service

Your customer service is an expression of your brand (and vice versa) – remember, brand is all about how you’re perceived by your desired customers – so how are you treating your current customers lately? Why? Because it could make or break your brand.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

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Brand: who really builds your brand?

As Elon Musk once stated, ‘brand is essentially just a perception’. I wonder what Tesla himself would have said? To clarify, when talking about perception, it’s the tangible expression of an idea or, in its purest form, a mental construct or ‘collective impression’ (Elon again). It is essential, however, that this core ‘idea’ or essence be based on

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Brand: the power of the Word.

Words or ‘copy’ are often overlooked in brand and marketing.
It’s a question of perspective: as customers, we’re all conditioned to believe that ‘words are just words right?’ And ‘talk is cheap’? or ‘he or she’s all talk?’ We don’t need words, we need action right!? Wrong.

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Brand: reflecting your workspace and facilities.

Brand can be a confusing concept for many businesses and business owners to get their head around. Is it a ‘look and feel’?, a logo?, a website?, a promise, a belief, a relationship, perception, a set of values, a personality, your language, your online voice, your Facebook status, or even your personal presentation or ‘image’? The truth is,

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