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Why the ‘Wow factor?’

Why the ‘Wow factor’?

Ask any marketer or business coach how do you get more clients or stand out from the crowd, and if they don’t first ask what’s your ‘USP’; translation: your unique selling point (short note for the uninitiated: your ‘USP’ is a quick and easy qualifier that communicates what’s uniquely different about your business that sets it/you apart from your competitors) they may query…

what’s your ‘wow factor?’ or words to that effect.

Now ‘X factor’ I’ve heard of (unfortunately), but never ‘Wow’ factor?
‘What gives?’ you say.

I can forgive you for being cynical and stating its just another ‘fancy’ marketing term rustled up by some Don Draper wannabe. So here’s some clarity for you. Essentially what marketers are talking about is what quality or feature of your business is extremely impressive to your customer that keeps them coming back for more?

Another similar term doing the rounds would be how do you ’delight’ your customers?

Whether it’s a ‘wow’ or a ‘delight’ – fundamentally it’s the same concept – what do you do, day in, day out, to satisfy your customers needs or wants? What problem or pain points do you ease/solve or prevent for your customers – importantly you also need to identify, demonstrate and articulate how you physically achieve this.

What activity or action do you provide (that usually makes your customers lives that much easier or exceeds their expectations) that ‘delights’ your customers?

Many businesses and business owners have not identified their ‘wow’ factor, as it’s something they do that’s either innate or performed as part or a bi-product of the service/product. More so, some business owners shy away from communicating this ‘wow’ factor, as they’re wary of ‘showing off’ or coming across as bragging.

My view? If you don’t tell the world about your wow factor, believe me, no one else will.
What have you got to lose apart from paying customers and ongoing cashflow right?

Almost always your ‘wow’ factor is an intangible aspect of your business – therefore its largely unquantifiable, which unfortunately makes it all the more difficult to put your finger on.

To complicate matters further, business owners are often simply too busy delivering for their clients to see the value in identifying the secret component to their ‘marketing machine’.

Nevertheless, identifying your ‘wow factor’ can seriously revolutionise your business.
How so? By identifying and then focusing your marketing messages intently on this key benefit (and the emotions associated with it), it has the power to transform your marketing effectiveness (resonates with your prospects), streamline your marketing messages (clarity and succinct combined), and attract customers like moths to a flame (not that I’m comparing your customers to moths you understand).

Satisfied customers will have no hesitation in recommending your ‘wow’ factor to friends, family and more importantly business colleagues and connections. (Quick tip: If customers don’t recommend or refer to you, simply remind them or ask for the referral! Sometimes customers are that impressed that they don’t think or make the ‘mental’ connection to refer.)

That being said, ask yourself, ‘what’s your ‘Wow factor?’, because its a vital exercise when marketing your business. It’s also a key aspect of ‘Mastering your Marketing’ and connecting your product or service to your customers.

Remember, ‘wow’ or ‘delight’, its all about delivering what your client wants in a way that they want it!

Jamie, your Marketing Man, signing out.

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