My Avatar - defining your 'ideal' customer.

My Avatar –  the Workshop that gets you laser-focused on your ideal customer.
Marketing Rule #1: Know your customer!

If you don’t know your customer, how do you ever expect them to buy from you?

Are you marketing your business without an in-depth understanding of who your ‘ideal’ customer?

Do you understand the value of knowing why customers buy from you? Or do you adopt the same strategy that most businesses do – the ‘everyone is my customer’ approach where ‘any customer will do’ so long as they’re providing cash flow? Don’t do what everyone else does. Its time to work smarter and get serious about growing your business!

Successful completion of a 2 hour Avatar Workshop is a big step in the right direction and will put your business in a far stronger strategic position to understand your customer’s world; their thoughts, fears, dreams, and beliefs. Better understanding of your customer breeds better brand and marketing results and a return on your investment. Knowledge plus awareness equals greater power. My Avatar stops you guessing and places the power of customer insights firmly in your hands. Get strategic. Get My Avatar.


How does an ‘Avatar’ workshop actually work?

We’ve made it simple for you. Lock in a date and time with one of Synkd’s brand specialists, secure your Avatar workshop and we’ll meet up to explore your ‘ideal’ customer through a series of tailored questions using Synkd’s Avatar Questionnaire.

The Avatar workshop can be either a one-on-one workshop or a group setting up to 5 people depending on your business needs.
Ideally we conduct the workshop away from the office.

Need to know more?

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The proof is in the pudding – don’t take our word for it. Here are a few words from established business owners who have already successfully completed an ‘Avatar’ workshop and are benefiting from the results right now.

What do others have to say?

Ashley Kissick

While I always had some idea of who my ideal client was, the formal structure, and the depth of analysis helped me get so much more specific about it. The insights it has provided, already has changed the way I advertise and market, the type of events I want to go to, and how I talk to my sales staff.

The benefits of the workshop are invaluable and will help our business to work so much smarter, rather than harder.

Ashley Kissick , Director, Connect ISP


Rob Rankin

The ‘My Avatar’ workshop was a useful exercise. We learnt a lot not only about our clients but about ourselves and a range of assumptions we make about our client relationships. Looking forward to receive the Avatar (Snapshot) profile.

Rob Rankin, Owner, Rankin & Co (Lawyers)


Bonnie Wright

‘The unique ‘My Avatar’ tool was an invaluable experience for my business. It ‘s the strongest marketing tool I have come across in a very long time and I would highly recommend this resource to anyone who wants to ensure their marketing speaks directly to their target audience.
I look forward to working with Synkd again soon.’

Bonnie Wright, Director, Melbourne Family Hub


Rebecca Grinblat

‘I’m so excited about this – thank you. I love ‘My Avatar! It got me laser-focused and really clear on my ideal customer. Now I know who I’m supposed to be talking to. It gives me confidence that I’m going in the right direction’

Rebecca Grinblat, Director and Owner, Athena Consultancy


Suzi Kerr & Denis Spooner

The ‘My Avatar’ workshop certainly was insightful. The Synkd team provided clarity and defined who our ‘Avatar’ is and identified how best to approach and cater to their needs. We changed marketing tactics as a consequence and attracted a high-paying client within 24hrs of implementation of the insights gained directly through the ‘Avatar’ workshop.’

Suzi Kerr, Owner, Visual Imprint (Printers)


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