Synkd's 5 Core Value Pillars

Our core values are reflected throughout our business, from our business name to our approach to
brand and design solutions, from our business philosophy to our internal culture. Our focus is to
be connected and ‘in sync’ with each other, our clients and skillfully connecting their brands to their
‘ideal’ customers through meaningful brand experiences.

We’re focused on building connection, seeking understanding, sharing knowledge, developing relationships
and using all of these qualities and creative skills to achieve key strategic business and brand outcomes for our clients.

Our core values are built on 5 key pillars:


Success is what we strive for in every brand activity and undertaking. Success at Synkd is measured by delivering
engaging brand stories, cut-through creative solutions that attract, engage and convert and are delivered on budget and on time.


Yes as in ‘let”s do it!’. We are passionately committed to all brand enterprises with the firm belief that anything
is possible in the pursuit of delivering strategic brand results. We aim to delight our clients and customer by
being ‘in sync’ and exceeding your expectations – this is our Synkd philosophy – we get you ‘in sync’ with your ‘ideal’
customer and by implication your brands goals.


When is comes to brand and design, we aim to give you what you need, not necessarily what you want.
There’s a fundamental difference here that is key to communicating your point of difference: what you think you want
might not be what you actually need. Our strategic approach is designed to give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.
It’s not arrogance – we have the confidence, belief and experience to advise what you need that will deliver brand results for your business.


For learning, for developing, for producing and creating the best possible solutions for our clients.
We don’t pretend to know it all but what we do know is brand, branding and design.
Eagerness and enthusiasm to make a real contribution and to make a difference is a core value.


Getting the job done. We’re dedicated to helping our clients by focusing on our client’s clients.
A policy of dedication to continuous improvement and learning cements our 5th and final core value pillars.

We value your feedback at Synkd.
Do you connect with our values? Call
us on 1300 479 653 to find out how you can add more value to your brand.

Let’s talk about how you can get ‘in sync’ and in front of your ‘ideal’ customer for increased brand engagement.