Connecting products with your customers!

Marketing takes a day to learn. Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master.



How can Synkd help market my business?

Synkd’s focus is to get you and your brand ‘in sync’ and connected to your ‘ideal’ customer for more effective marketing results.
Marketing Rule #1: ‘Know your customer’ is a fundamental truth that preaches the importance of developing insights to help
businesses understand what customers really ‘want’ as opposed to what you think they ‘need’. Insight: People buy wants, not needs.

In response Synkd have developed the My Avatar workshop – designed as a first step exclusively with the mantra of ‘knowing your customer’ in mind. Its been proven to help our clients to ‘market smarter’ by revealing key insights and behaviours.

Synkd’s marketing philosophy is geared to getting ‘laser-focused’ on your ‘ideal’ customer to reveal the ‘who, what, why, where and when’s’ that we need to know for masterful marketing insights.

Once established we then work on a marketing plan and develop an effective marketing strategy around your point of difference that aligns with your business plan and your business goals.

Experience counts

Synkd’s Brand & Marketing specialist offers over 10 years of brand, design and real blue-chip multi-level marketing corporate campaign experience with renowned Australian brands. Direct benefits that our clients experience are the power-packed combination of development of branding and brand strategy, extensive understanding and implementation of strategic marketing campaigns, and creative graphic design execution – all strategically designed to increase brand engagement, awareness, conversions and maximise your sales potential.

Synkd’s unique marketing experience has derived from working on the following corporate brand accounts:

Questions, questions, questions…

The Marketing team at Synkd ‘are programed to receive’ and go the extra mile to find out all about your business and your industry, because while we understand that marketing can get you customers, we firmly believe that customer service will retain those customers – it pays to keep your ‘ideal’ clients happy.

Some of the questions we ask as part of our marketing consultation audit are:

At Synkd we understand that we all have one mouth and two ears – and we use them in that proportion.
The marketing process is not about us, its all about you – our client, your business, your offering and your goals.

We make sure we listen to you so we understand your communication needs and requirements and help you
achieve your desired marketing outcomes.

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Let’s talk about how you can get you ‘in sync’ with your ‘ideal’ customer with masterful marketing strategies.