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Brand: it’s your business approach.

Many businesses believe brand is a one-time process and a one-time investment – usually involving a series of meetings, workshops or discussions over a period of time (along with the price tag) with a specialist in marketing who talks in abstractions about experiences, emotions and mission & vision statements where nothing is ever concrete or certain. This is perhaps ironic given that brand and brand strategy provides your customers with certainty in an uncertain world.

There’s also the business that believes brand is…

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Behaviour: its your Brand

Brand isn’t just about clever slogans, logos, colours, fonts and imagery – once upon a time it may have been about creating a ‘mark’ to ‘brand’ or express property or control such as with ‘livestock’ back in the ‘Old West’, but not today in the 21st century. Today it goes far deeper than a ‘mark’ or ‘logo’ – beyond the superficial. Brand is

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