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Brand: Stand Up For Something. Be counted.

If we were to ask your customers to describe your brand in just 2-3 sentences, what would they say about you? What would you want them to say about you? This is linked back to your values, what you value and how you express these values to the market.

Harvard Business Review reports that ‘64% of consumers cite shared values as the primary reason they have a relationship with a brand.

Unfortunately, as business owners, we often stumble or get into fancy and elaborate explanations of what we stand for and what we believe in. The root of this usually lies in one of three areas –

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Brand: 10 questions you need to ask about your customers

Brand has been around for a while but it can still be a confusing subject for many businesses and business owners. For example, many people still believe branding simply involves the creation of a simple logo, a tagline and a website. While a new logo and website may form part of the visual brand deliverables of a B2B branding process, they aren’t the total sum of the brand process. When it comes to creating a new brand or refreshing an existing brand, there are a range of factors that need to be taken into consideration other than just the logo design and an impressive-looking website.

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Brand: it’s your call to action.

Building a brand is the most effective way of elevating your business beyond ‘commodity status’ – that’s to say – ensuring your business does not compete on price alone with your competitors. In this unfortunate scenario there’s never, ever a winner, not even the consumer, who in extreme cases ends up with either (at best) a long-term depressed local economy with little choice or variety, or at worst insolvency of large parts of the local economy and a heavy social cost as a result. Brand therefore becomes the ‘smart choice‘ for any business with the intention of growing or securing a position in the market, because it…

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Brand: positioning, positioning, positioning.

A recent marketing workshop in Melbourne CBD (thank you Basics Bananas!) gave a timely reminder about the importance of positioning when it comes to effective brand and brand strategy.

The clear insight: many businesses who are doing it hard have no

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