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Brand: ‘Good’ design leaves a good impression.

First impressions count in business. But what message or impression are you currently sending to the market about your respective business through your communication tools, marketing campaigns, messages and channels? And is it the ‘right’ message for your business?

Second impressions count too of course, but they tend to be more expensive, require more time, more resources, and much more effort to redeem the initial missed opportunity.

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Brand: identity crisis or perception deception?

Most businesses have been getting the process of brand all wrong.

The following revelation leads us to the ultimate irony of a deep misconception about the perception of ‘brand’ and what it really means in people’s minds.

Where have we been going wrong? Allow me to explain.

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Brand: creating certainty in an uncertain world.

To the casual observer people can behave a little ‘odd’ sometimes. Don’t get me wrong – individually most people are likeable, decent enough and inspiring company (apart from the narcissists – best avoided) but get more than a few strangers into a room together and

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How to create a brand vision in 7 simple steps

Creating your brand’s vision is one of the most important steps you can take when it comes to strategic brand management. Over 10 years of direct brand, marketing and advertising experience has provided invaluable opportunities of implementing corporate brand vision and enforcing multi-channel marketing campaigns for many blue chip Australian brands, but what does it take to craft a brand vision? Here follows 7 simple steps that will

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