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Brand: why perception is everything when growing your business.

Often, when networking with other business owners, the core brand message I deliver is that ‘perception is everything’. It’s such a succinct message that it features on The Brand Experts business card (the tagline) because it’s a simple belief and a simple message that encapsulates and embodies a fundamental part of ‘brand’ and The Brand Experts offering: it links our brand purpose, the brand vision and the brand promise. If you agree with that belief and it resonates with you, then great –  we’re aligned and we can continue the conversation; if not, then maybe we’re not aligned? Not just yet anyway… Read on.

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Behaviour: its your Brand

Brand isn’t just about clever slogans, logos, colours, fonts and imagery – once upon a time it may have been about creating a ‘mark’ to ‘brand’ or express property or control such as with ‘livestock’ back in the ‘Old West’, but not today in the 21st century. Today it goes far deeper than a ‘mark’ or ‘logo’ – beyond the superficial. Brand is

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4 factors to factor in when crafting your brand vision

Writing a brand vision (i.e. a set of ideas or ideals based in the future that gives your brand a clear sense of direction) may seem a drawn out, unnecessary or irrelevant task to many in business. For others its a case of too much fluff, not enough substance. ‘We don’t need ‘vision’, we need action, right?’ Actually, what you really need is

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What’s your Brand Vision?

‘Vision’ and the need for a unifying vision – for your brand and business has been resonating with me lately, so I felt compelled to elaborate on this important aspect of brand and branding.

To clarify, a brand vision is the essence or idea behind your brand that inspires not only you but also

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Brand: Image is nothing. Perception is everything.

When it comes to your brand, many people suggest a brand formula of three distinct elements for success: identify your vision (purpose), establish your voice (tone, language and personality) and create your visuals (identity, brand touch-points or design).

I’m not convinced that’s enough these days to

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