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Brand: discover the power of identity.

Identity. It’s a powerful thing.
Underlying everything we are and do, identity is what defines us, what we hold dear, what some people strive for, what many struggle to come to terms with, what some of us fight for and, in extreme cases, what some of us die for.

Identity (which includes relevance, meaning, connection and understanding) is what many are currently searching for to define themselves and their place in this crazy world. And yet, ironically, when pressed, many of us have no clear identity of who we really are either. We’ve never really considered our own identity for two reasons – no one has ever asked us and life kind of got in the way, right?

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Brand: identity crisis or perception deception?

Most businesses have been getting the process of brand all wrong.

The following revelation leads us to the ultimate irony of a deep misconception about the perception of ‘brand’ and what it really means in people’s minds.

Where have we been going wrong? Allow me to explain.

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