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7 reasons to narrow your market focus for business growth.

Can you really shrink to greatness? How can you grow your business by narrowing your focus? As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, a lot of brands today focus their resources and energies on the ‘brand’ itself, but the shift has already started – tomorrow ‘brand’ will be focused on building ‘community’ with an emphasis increasingly on interactions between advocates, customers and individual.

Somewhat counter intuitively, the way to build a community of like-minded people with the same values and beliefs (i.e. a brand) is not to go out and cast your net as wide as possible to anyone and everyone who will listen. Instead, get selective about your customer. Very selective…

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Brand: What’s the ‘right’ message to send for your business?

My last blog focused on the benefits of investing in effective graphic design to leave a ‘good’ first impression for your brand (it sets the tone for the rest of the business relationship). If ‘perception is everything’ in brand and in business, then it’s in your businesses best interests to… build a positive and effective identity, find your voice and…

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Brand: reflecting your workspace and facilities.

Brand can be a confusing concept for many businesses and business owners to get their head around. Is it a ‘look and feel’?, a logo?, a website?, a promise, a belief, a relationship, perception, a set of values, a personality, your language, your online voice, your Facebook status, or even your personal presentation or ‘image’? The truth is,

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3 Top Tips To Build A Brand that Resonates

What does is take to build a brand that resonates with a customer and why should you care?
By ‘resonate’ I mean a brand that stands for something – either a value, an idea or a cause that it invokes or evokes such a strong emotional (and logical) appeal with a consumer that it…

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