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Brand: culture that can set business owners free?

If behaviour can be perceived as a business tool that reinforces your brand (refer to a previous blog here), then how do businesses and business owners benefit from investing in ‘behaviour’ (that forms a strong brand culture at the same time) from brand values? Where’s the ROI? Isn’t this all ‘woo’ and ‘fluff‘? None of this stuff or ‘theory’ works for business right? It’s all comes down to the ‘value’ you put on your values.

Without mincing words, it takes emotional maturity, intelligence, self-respect, respect for others, a deep understanding of people; how they work best and how to get your people to work in the best conditions to perform and deliver ‘optimum’ results, plus a focus on delivering what your customer needs (not necessarily what they want) to build a brand and a culture that expresses your brand values. It also takes courage, canny business acumen and a strong vision to build a culture around a brand. Identifying the values is the easier part. Expressing and living the values is where most businesses fall  down. Only open and switched on businesses and business owners that understand this concept can see beyond the obstacles and can see how the benefits can massively outweigh the investment.

Warning: this is not for everyone! Some businesses are not ready for this nor are they able to perceive, see or ‘do’ business differently – and that’s ok. The time is not right, although that time will eventually come. But those who choose to invest, who are willing to make the effort and ‘sacrifice’ to make changes to their current or preconceived ideas of doing business ‘as usual’, those businesses will benefit enormously.

How? Through a mixture of tangible and intangible benefits.
Ask yourself, is ‘business’ currently working for you? Working too many hours with little respite, reward or recompense (been there), are you risking burn out or adrenal fatigue (been there too), taking too much on, unwilling or unable to delegate? (we’ve all been there in some capacity). Maybe its time stop and rethink – to stop doing what we’ve always done and work a different way – a smarter way and at the same time release the burden of expectation you put on yourself?

If you can be open to change without fear or criticism of others opinions, if you can be brave enough and willing to relinquish control (hard for many I know) and empower other individuals to act according to established brand values and frameworks that focus on your companies strengths, the results you experience might just free you from the pressures you already feel on a day to day basis.

I can’t help you with your morning commute but freeing you from the burden of responsibility, from driving the business forward, from galvanising the team yourself, from leading from the front, freedom from the details, from the ‘annual reviews’ (its continual assessment and performance – not a one day review each year?? that’s another blog), from the perceived ‘necessity’ to motivate the minions, to engage employees and to ‘incentivise’ the staff. Will it threaten your status, ego or nerves to let go and empower others to have the freedom to act and make decisions on behalf of the business and brand?

Let me be clear here, we’re not talking advanced corporate strategy or 5 year business plans, but a way of working within a business that promotes a shared identity, encourages desired behaviour and rewards those who deliver on your overall brand promise. That’s what your customers are looking for after all and they pay your way of life!

Infusing your employees with a carefully crafted culture spreads to your customers – even attracts your customers. Creating a culture that aligns with your customers creates brands that resonate. That’s the brands’ soul. This all begins with your brand values.

If you create and express clear, shared brand values that align and empower employees to live by them through a code of conduct, it can significantly reduce business owners’ overall time, effort and stress levels. Why? Because employees step up and feel part of something bigger. And since both ‘appreciation’ and a ‘purpose’ or ’cause’ is the biggest motivator in business, this may well be the solution you’ve been looking for. No longer will you be spread thin, putting out fires, or wondering how to get more out of your people. Share the load, share the vision, share the values and share the success.

As I said at the very beginning, it all starts with values and the value you place on those values.
So what are your brand values?


I hope you learned something new, insightful or useful from this blog.

As The Brand Entrepreneur, I believe in helping businesses build a ‘brand blueprint’ for business growth.
I do this through a series of workshops designed to help businesses realise and communicate their ‘Why?’ to resonate with ideal customers and make a difference in the world. Successful brands in the future care about customers, not branding. I believe that future is now. I’m passionate about creating brand stories & design assets that help brands get ‘in sync’ and connected to customers they care about.


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