Brand: harnessing your power of purpose.

There is an often overlooked power of brand that is lost on many people in business today. No one is at fault here – business owners, leaders, managers and employees are often too distracted by business goals, targets, KPIs, ‘fighting fires’, politics, protocol, serving customers, finding customers or thinking about that growing pile of admin or invoices to notice what is sometimes right in front of us. A wise man once told me this phenomenon – being unable to see something right in front of you – actually has a name. It’s called…

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7 reasons to narrow your market focus for business growth.

Can you really shrink to greatness? How can you grow your business by narrowing your focus? As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, a lot of brands today focus their resources and energies on the ‘brand’ itself, but the shift has already started – tomorrow ‘brand’ will be focused on building ‘community’ with an emphasis increasingly on interactions between advocates, customers and individual.

Somewhat counter intuitively, the way to build a community of like-minded people with the same values and beliefs (i.e. a brand) is not to go out and cast your net as wide as possible to anyone and everyone who will listen. Instead, get selective about your customer. Very selective…

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When a little marketing tweak can make you big $$$$s!

Sometimes in business we get blindsided or stuck in old ways of thinking. This is especially true if we’ve been in business for some time – we’ve seen and done it all before and consequently we lose focus, rest on our laurels, or lack that critical, creative or objective thinking essential to long-term business success.

Business as usual’ or ‘this is the way we’ve always done it’ are always warning signs for my marketing ears and are often death knells for many businesses who are going through the motions. Rigid, fixated mindsets have a lot to answer for! 😉

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Why the ‘Wow factor?’

Why the ‘Wow factor’?

Ask any marketer or business coach how do you get more clients or stand out from the crowd, and if they don’t first ask what’s your ‘USP’; translation: your unique selling point (short note for the uninitiated: your ‘USP’ is a quick and easy qualifier that communicates what’s uniquely different about your business that sets it/you apart from your competitors) they may query…

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