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Brand: 10 questions you need to ask about your customers

Brand has been around for a while but it can still be a confusing subject for many businesses and business owners. For example, many people still believe branding simply involves the creation of a simple logo, a tagline and a website. While a new logo and website may form part of the visual brand deliverables of a B2B branding process, they aren’t the total sum of the brand process. When it comes to creating a new brand or refreshing an existing brand, there are a range of factors that need to be taken into consideration other than just the logo design and an impressive-looking website.

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7 reasons to narrow your market focus for business growth.

Can you really shrink to greatness? How can you grow your business by narrowing your focus? As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, a lot of brands today focus their resources and energies on the ‘brand’ itself, but the shift has already started – tomorrow ‘brand’ will be focused on building ‘community’ with an emphasis increasingly on interactions between advocates, customers and individual.

Somewhat counter intuitively, the way to build a community of like-minded people with the same values and beliefs (i.e. a brand) is not to go out and cast your net as wide as possible to anyone and everyone who will listen. Instead, get selective about your customer. Very selective…

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Brand: build a small, super-engaged community around your brand.

The most effective brands today and in the future will focus on building community, not content. While customers still want information, they really want connection and they’re looking for identity. Dig a little deeper and brand is really about giving customers something to believe in, be it purpose or fulfilment, all wrapped up around a community of similar thinking people – hence your tribe. All the more reason to get laser-focused on…

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Brand: it’s in the way you speak.

For the people who know me personally, who have spoken with me in business and when networking, and as someone who is in the 49 per cent of Australians who were born overseas, I bring a strong, clipped northern english accent to the diversity table here in this beautiful far off corner of the world.

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Brand: identity crisis or perception deception?

Most businesses have been getting the process of brand all wrong.

The following revelation leads us to the ultimate irony of a deep misconception about the perception of ‘brand’ and what it really means in people’s minds.

Where have we been going wrong? Allow me to explain.

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Do you really know your customer? A tool for business growth?

Do you really know your customer? Most businesses think they know their customer pretty well. They roll out superficial demographic facts and stats and are content to leave it at that – point proven – I know my customer.

With many of our Synkd clients, a closer inspection tends to reveal a very different story. It gets vague and hazy very quickly which is why we encourage our clients to

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Brand: a business tool that expresses who we are.

What phone do you own?
What make of car do you drive?
Which coffee do you drink on the way to work?
What brand of clothing do you choose for work?
What type of shoe do you wear?
Which footy club do you barrack for?
Are you a ‘Holden’ or a ‘Ford’ fan?

Drawing attention to these ‘brand’ choices and heightening your awareness of the choices you make each and every day can

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Brand: it’s all about the belief.

Forget highly creative visual assets, ‘bells and whistles’ website design, FB marketing, PPC, lead generation tools, email marketing, integrated campaigns, an obsession with ‘traffic’, SEO marketing, video marketing or the latest app… the real insight to effectively grow your business is…

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The missing ingredient for brand success?

Brand – it’s a well-known phrase or term these days in business and the boardroom, yet I find brand is still an often-misunderstood concept. This is mainly due, I believe, because it’s such a broad and all encompassing subject that it’s hard to pin down. Brand tends to mean different things to different people. We’re surrounded by it yet often fail to articulate it. It’s therefore of increasing importance and relevance to

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