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Do you really know your customer? A tool for business growth?

Do you really know your customer? Most businesses think they know their customer pretty well. They roll out superficial demographic facts and stats and are content to leave it at that – point proven – I know my customer.

With many of our Synkd clients, a closer inspection tends to reveal a very different story. It gets vague and hazy very quickly which is why we encourage our clients to ‘market smarter’ using a handy business tool we use to ‘get closer to your customer’. You see, the question isn’t who your customer is – the real question is why do your customers buy from you? So do you know why your customer buys from you?

With this in mind, effective branding is all about clearly communicating your why – i.e. your identity; who you are, what you believe, what you stand for – why your customer should buy from you.

Brand also involves psychology – understanding how your customer understands and interacts with the outside world because perception really is everything. Its no surprise to learn that other people see and interact with the world very differently from you. Effective branding, communication and business growth starts with these different personality types in mind.

Understanding your ideal customer – how they perceive, see and interact with the world will reveal powerful insights. Strategically applied to brand and marketing, these insights can help you realise and manifest your desired business results.

Hindsight is good, foresight is better, insight is best of all!

Why? Because investing time in identifying your ideal customer and uncovering customer insights is your first step to ultimately creating sustainable business growth over the lifetime of your customer. It all starts with knowing and getting closer to your customer.

Whether it’s managing and driving an internal team, working in groups, networking to grow your own business or communicating with the C-suite, it pays to understand how your customers communicate and perceive the world. Why? In order to understand others’ point of view, to be understood and to get your unique message across.

What if there was a business tool that could ‘lift the veil’ and help you understand how others see and perceive the world?

What if this tool could give you a framework and the power to understand why people act the way they do. What if you could use these insights to market your business smarter?

IQ is important but its emotional intelligence that will elevate your personal development, improve your personal relationships and take your business and performance to the next level.

That said, do the following questions resonate with you?

Have you ever met someone in business or in life that you didn’t quite gel with?
Has there ever been an individual (they may spring to mind right now) who, with hindsight, you’ve wondered why you never got on with them?
What about that colleague who annoyed you for seemingly no reason at all?
The supervisor who you just didn’t click with?
The intern who you crossed paths with from the start?
The senior manager who you couldn’t see eye-to-eye with?
Even the hot date that left you flat or ice cold?
Or the mentor or partner who instantly seemed to ‘get’ you?
All real people with real, human, complex personalities.

What if there was a way to remove the complexity and make it easy?
What if you were equipped with a business tool that could assist you not only in your networking efforts or communicating more effectively on a personal level, but importantly, what if it could help you develop more targeted marketing material and brand messages that resonate with specific customers?

What impact would that have on your potential for business growth in 2018?

If this sounds of interest, find out more information about a new Brand Workshop focused on discovering your ideal customer personality. Click on the link below – it could be the brand workshop you’ve been looking for.

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Jamie Thomas
The Brand Entrepreneur

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