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Brand: reflecting your workspace and facilities.

Brand can be a confusing concept for many businesses and business owners to get their head around. Is it a ‘look and feel’?, a logo?, a website?, a promise, a belief, a relationship, perception, a set of values, a personality, your language, your online voice, your Facebook status, or even your personal presentation or ‘image’? The truth is,

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Behaviour: its your Brand

Brand isn’t just about clever slogans, logos, colours, fonts and imagery – once upon a time it may have been about creating a ‘mark’ to ‘brand’ or express property or control such as with ‘livestock’ back in the ‘Old West’, but not today in the 21st century. Today it goes far deeper than a ‘mark’ or ‘logo’ – beyond the superficial. Brand is

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Your people are your brand

Your brand is your people and the way they represent you can make or break your brand.
Your strategy, message, unique value, design, copy, tactics, sales and marketing may all be aligned but if your people do not exude, live up to and reinforce the brand values you will create a

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Brand: it’s in the way you speak.

For the people who know me personally, who have spoken with me in business and when networking, and as someone who is in the 49 per cent of Australians who were born overseas, I bring a strong, clipped northern english accent to the diversity table here in this beautiful far off corner of the world.

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Corporate Identity: greater than the sum of its parts.

I’m currently developing a workshop at Synkd on the value of creating a compelling corporate identity for small business growth, so I wanted to share some insights.

Perhaps the most important lesson or takeaway, as mentioned in my previous blog and worth mentioning again here, is that many businesses are still

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Brand: identity crisis or perception deception?

Most businesses have been getting the process of brand all wrong.

The following revelation leads us to the ultimate irony of a deep misconception about the perception of ‘brand’ and what it really means in people’s minds.

Where have we been going wrong? Allow me to explain.

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