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3 reasons why your brand needs video.

Effective videos are compelling, in-depth and emotional and with the right strategy behind it they are the perfect addition for your brand blueprint for business growth. Harnessing the power of video can therefore work wonders for increased brand awareness.

I recently met a talented documentary videographer with a distinct stylistic point of difference on my networking travels, which prompted me to write this blog about the power of brand videos in your brand storytelling strategy. We’ve all heard the saying ‘a picture tells a 1000 words’ right? If that’s the case, then what does a video add to your brand? Quite a lot as it turns out…

It’s one thing to develop a brand narrative, personality, strategy and a clear vision in place, but if you can’t express your brand in an engaging and powerful way (with audience attention spans diminishing by the second), then you’re missing a massive opportunity to get your brand message out there online and in a shareable format. Be smart – get your brand message speaking ‘one to many’ (instead of one to one) and maximise both your investment and time for increased brand engagement and business growth.

Video has been around for a while now, we all know it’s an increasingly powerful medium for businesses and brands – and right now Facebook live know it, chipping away at Youtube’s stranglehold on video online dominance. Video is the future apparently? I think it’s already arrived, however video on mobile is a growing market where your brand probably needs to be if it isn’t already. Have you considered it for your brand? The huge appeal of video lies in its ability to tell your brand story in an engaging and efficient way. Yes, its an investment but it connects viewers with your brand in a far more effective way than pretty much any other format available.

But why is this the case? Why the love affair with video? What’s all the fuss about?
As always, it’s all about perception. Here are three reasons video could be right for your brand…

1. Video can build trust. Fast.

Arguably one of the most trusted roles in our society is the ‘anchor’ newsreader. Regardless of your opinion of ‘fake’ news, every day most of us trust the news anchor to tell us the important news and events of the day. At one point, in the 60’s, it was said Walter Cronkite (Google him) was the most trusted man in the US – even more than the US President himself. The same could be said for Ray Martin for the older Aussies among us and Peter Hitchener today. And there’s a very good reason for that trust.

Being live on TV – and extending that to a visual format like video – generates a huge amount of trust and familiarity. If you heard my voice, saw my face and engaged with me on a consistent basis, chances are you would eventually trust me. Amplify this with video and see the effect yourself. This is also the reason Youtube video forums are so hugely popular: convenient, instant, re-playable, shareable – although quality of content is key. What better way to spread your message?

Video as a medium can bring big barriers down, overcome obstacles and challenge prejudices; it can educate; inform; inspire and increase the ‘trust factor’ faster between brands and customers. There’s also something powerful about seeing the real people in a business that lifts the veil of transparency and removes our doubts. Be real. Because people buy from real people.

2. Video is ‘easier’ and its more engaging.

Video has a magical effect on people.
Give a customer the choice between a 5 minute video to watch or an article that takes 2 minutes to read and more than likely they’ll take the video option – despite the additional time required. (So much for being time poor.) Why is this? Because video is easier to consume, more entertaining plus the reality is we’re all a little lazy at heart – given the choice people will take the easy option 99.9% of the time. So why not make it easy for your customers to learn, be inspired or buy from you by creating a video with a compelling message and call to action? Remember – your customers have the perception of being time poor and they’re looking at your website and your brand for the right information to make the right choice for their specific needs. Video makes it easier for them to choose your brand and also helps with those online bounce rates, which in turn keeps Google happy and your web ranking healthy.

Studies also suggest when viewers engaged with video they retain 95% of its message, compared to just 10% when reading. Something to think about next time you review your marketing results? Ask yourself; is that white paper, article or yes, even your blog really getting your message through?

Video can relay powerful brand messages, directly engaging two of our principal senses – our eyes and ears. Which leads us nicely to point #3…

3. Video – its emotional.

People are emotional. Get over it. Deny it all you want but it’s who we are and how we’re wired. We buy on emotion and we rationalise our purchases later. Understand this and take one step closer to understanding your customers. Our subconscious brain has a lot to answer for!

Carefully crafted videos can really evoke our emotions. Since emotions can change behaviour, video could be the tool that you’ve been looking for to help influence and persuade your customers to try or switch to your brand.

Video has that special power to pull the heartstrings of even the most hardened of viewers. There’s no better example I know of that demonstrates the power of video than in agency land when I was working on a well-known, global car manufacturer account (which shall not be named). With a proud European background and culture of ruthless efficiency and technological prowess, the home-grown marketing manager was moved to tears with the approved 60 second TV advertisement. Which just goes to show the true and authentic power video has to cut through, connect and resonate with the most stoic among us for powerful recall and compelling customers to action.

Remember though that above all, great creativity starts with great strategy, so be sure your content and messaging are on brand and your leveraging your communication efforts to the max.

While video to the uninitiated can seem complex, costly and contributes little ROI, the real potential for video to connect your business to new clients as well as your established customer base is unlimited. Explore your brand potential with a brand expert.

Be noticed with video.
Be seen with video.
Be on brand.


I hope you learned something new, insightful or useful from this blog.

As The Brand Entrepreneur, I believe in helping businesses build a ‘brand blueprint’ for business growth. I do this through a series of brand workshops designed to help businesses create an identity, visualise their vision and find their voice. ’Successful brands in the future care about customers, not branding. I believe that future is now’. I’m passionate about helping businesses create unique brand stories that get them ‘in sync’ with their tribe.

Jamie Thomas – The Brand Entrepreneur

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